Kit Mazos de New Valhalla
  • Kit Mazos de New Valhalla

Kit Mazos de New Valhalla


Kit Mazos de New Valhalla .

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Cinco mazos de inicio originales, ¡cada uno con cartas únicas y poderosas!

Cada mazo de inicio contiene un mazo, un mazo de piedras mágicas y un J/soberano

¡Todo lo que un jugador necesita para comenzar a jugar!

Contenido de los Mazos de Inicio:

Two different Rulers (Foil), 40 card main deck (10 sets of 4, of which 8 cards are foil), 10 unique rune cards, and 16 magic stones. Total of 68 cards. The main decks will be made up of 40 resonator cards, that can be used as a teaching tool for two players!
Each deck is playable as is, but is also able to be split into two "half decks" for playing with a friend. Perfect entry level starter decks. 
Also includes a playsheet, rulesheet, and game manual.

*Product Details
Each deck is able to be split into two half decks, allowing players to play with a friend right away. Of course, you can play the deck as is and choose between the two available rulers, enjoying a traditional Force of Will experience. 

*Runes: Each Ruler is able to utilize a limited extra store of effects called runes. We intend to use runes to help manage the games balance as the set continues, as well as add greater depth in strategy for the players. (Furthermore, Runes available in booster packs can be put into the main deck.)